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Artist Statement

Caroline Dejeneffe works across photography, installation and painting to create evocative and immersive projects. Her photographic work is made through utilizing studio sessions, found imagery and digital collage to produce beautiful but uncanny images based on the human figure.


Dejeneffe has worked with organic shapes and motifs as well as exploring images of bodily distress, transformation and transcendence. Her main focus is on understanding the diversity of embodied life experience alongside the key universal themes that bring our experiences closer together: love, pain and fear.

Her work vacillates between notions of mind and body. Suggesting the possibility of psychological revelation, of both discovery and denial of deeper senses of identity, and of the vulnerability of being while reveling in sensation, touch and body awareness.

Through her work, she sought to understand how the individual is shaped by society and how society is in turn shaped by the individual. By examining the interplay between these two forces, she provides a unique perspective on the human experience.

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